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Jessie Ksanznak is the owner, dyer and designer behind Yarn Over New York.  They are proudly located in Harlem, NYC.

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Poem written by my friend Sara Langlands:

Jacinthe saffron nacarat wearer 
Egg bean veggie tofu eater 
Silly scarf and hat crocheter 
Striking vivid photo taker 
Italian speaker, reader, lover 
Exemplary profanity maker. 
Look she’s pink, green, aqua, yellow 
Velocipedic (watch her go) 
Eating can be somewhat messy, 
Situations spiral into Loud with Jessie. 
Over the top 
Randomly inspired
Addicted to travel 
Neon mural creating 
Gatherer of shiny sparklies 
Every day a new chance for Color.


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