Giving Back

Giving Tuesday:
Today is Giving Tuesday and Yarn Over New York is supporting Harlem Children's Zone and the Manna-hatta Fund. We encourage you to join us in donating to these charities, or another charity of your choosing today.
I chose these two charities in acknowledgement of the history, culture and privilege divide of my home City.
-My home and business are located on unceded Lenape land. I cannot think about this without crying. There is so little that I can do to repair the immense damage of land theft. Donations to the Manna-hatta Fund go directly to the American Indian Community House, which serves not only the ancestral indigenous people of New York City, but also a beautiful melting pot of other peoples who have migrated here.
-In 2003, I moved to NYC and lived in a tiny Harlem apartment with three other people. Over the last 19 years, roommates have come and gone. And now, I finally live here alone and am immensely privileged to be able to run my business in my home. Harlem is a vibrant, historically Black neighborhood. As a white person, I must acknowledge that while I may not intend to contribute to gentrification, the impact is there. Donations to Harlem Children's Zone give direct support to local children.
Previous Campaigns:
In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, we celebrate New York of the past, present and future with Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative.

Thank you! With your help in 2019, we donated $100!

Donate directly to SIGBI now.

Yarn Over New York is proud to support Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense.

Thank you! With your help in 2019, we donated $200!

Yarn Over New York is proud to support Harlem Children's Zone.

Thank you! With your help in 2018, we raised $1695 for local kids!