Meet Our Yarns

Here is a list of our current yarns. All yarn and sock blanks are hand-painted in Harlem, NYC. Please note that different fibers react differently to dyes, so variations may occur. All our yarns are ethically sourced and mulesing-free. Care instructions can be found at the bottom of this page.

--Times Square Sock $29
75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon 
100g, 462yds/ 423m 
4 plies/ high twist 

--Harlem Sock $29
80% SW Merino, 20% Nylon 
100g, 400yds/ 365m 
2 plies

--Broadway Sparkle Sock $32
75% SW Merino, 20% Nylon, 5% Silver Stellina 
100g, 438yds/ 400m
2 plies 
--Wall Street Non-Superwash Fingering $28 -- RETIRING
100% Non-Superwash Merino 
100g, 438yds/ 400m
2 plies 
--Alphabet City Tweed Sock $29
85% SW Merino, 15% Donegal Nep (black/ grey or white)
100g, 438yds/ 401m
2 plies 

--Crown Heights Fingering $36
50% Baby Alpaca, 50% Mulberry Silk
100g, 329yds/ 301m
single ply  

--Wave Hill Zebra Fingering $29
100% SW 21.5 Micron Merino - Zebra Effect
100g, 437yds/ 400m
2 plies   

--Randall's Island Sport $28 -- RETIRING
80% SW Merino, 20% Nylon 
100g, 328yds/ 229m
2 plies 

--Greenpoint Sport $32
50% SW Merino, 25% Baby Alpaca, 25% Mulberry Silk
100g, 246yds/ 224m
2 plies 

--Greenwich Village DK $29
100% SW Merino 
100g, 231yds/ 211m
4 plies 

--Kew Gardens DK $29
75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon 
100g, 246yds/ 224m
4 plies

--LaGuardia Tweed DK $16 -- RETIRING
55% Non-superwash Merino, 25% Superfine Alpaca, 20% Donegal Tweed
50g, 123yds/ 122m
2 plies

--Tribeca Sparkle DK $32
75% SW Merino, 20% Nylon, 5% Stellina 
100g, 231yds/ 211m
4 plies 
--East Village Silk Sparkle DK $32 -- RETIRING
75% Non-superwash Merino, 20% Silk, 5% Stellina 
100g, 231yds/ 211m
4 plies

--Brooklyn Bridge Worsted $29
100% SW Merino 
100g, 218yds/ 199m
4 plies
--Fort Tryon Luxury Worsted $29 -- RETIRING
75% SW Merino 19.5 micron (superfine), 25% Nylon 
100g, 218yds/ 199m
4 plies 

--Bronx Zoo Worsted $30 -- RETIRING
100% non-SW Merino 
100g, 273yds/ 250m
--Flushing Meadows Bulky $29
100% SW Merino 
100g, 106yds/ 97m
3 plies 
--Pelican Bay Alpaca Bulky $28 -- RETIRING
70% Non-Superwash Peruvian Highland Wool, 30% Superfine Alpaca
100g, 110yds/ 101m
4 plies 

Yarn Over New York sock blanks are truly One of a Kind. Each one is hand-painted with unique striping, gradients and images. Your finished projects will be works of art with beautiful striping, fading and speckles. The painted images will not directly appear in your knitting, the resulting patterning will be more abstract.

*Double Stranded blanks are best two-at-a-time knitting. With two identical strands of yarn, you will get two identical socks as you knit. 
*Single Stranded blanks are recommended for all other projects, including one-at-a-time socks, shawls, and other accessories! 
Regular Sock: 
Times Square sock yarn (single or double) $45
75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon
100g, 423m/ 462yds 

Sparkle Sock: 
Broadway sparkle sock yarn (single) $47
75% SW Merino, 20% Nylon, 5% stellina
100g, 400m/ 438yds 


How to Wind Your Skein into a Ball or Cake for Use: 
All YONY hand-dyed yarns are shipped in skein form, which requires the user to wind it into a cake or ball for use in knitting, crochet or weaving. Here's some handy tips:
-The best way to cake your yarn is to use a swift (umbrella or tabletop) to hold your skein. If you don't have a swift, you can use the back of a chair or a friend's outstretched hands. 
-Your skein will have several figure-8 ties, do not cut these until you have placed your open skein around your swift and double-checked to make sure there are no twists and that all the yarn is laying evenly with mild tension.
-Use a cake winder or your hands to wind a cake or ball with gentle tension. If you get any snags or dangling loops, unwind a bit and fix it as you go.

How to Care for Hand-Dyed Yarn: 
Unless you request otherwise, your yarn will be sent to you in a hank or skein. In order to knit, crochet or weave with your lovely new yarn, you’ll need to wind into a ball or cake. This can be done with a swift and winder or by hand. It is best for the yarn to be stored as a skein until you are ready to use it. If you want to use your yarn right away or do not have the ability to wind your own cake, please leave us a message in the comments at checkout and we will happily provide the service. Please note that sock blanks are sent in flat, sock blank form so you can see the artwork. We do not cake or skein sock blanks.
Washing and Drying Your Finished Objects: 
It is always best to wash your hand-knits in cool water with minimal agitation.  Superwash yarns can technically be machine washed, but hand care will always reduce the wear and tear on your handmade items. Use a mild wool-safe soap to soak your garment. Use less than you think, a little goes a long way. After 20 minutes, remove from water and squeeze dry. Please note, do not twist or wring your yarn. 
We recommend blocking or wet-finishing your hand knit, crochet or woven items by placing the nearly dry garment on foam blocking mats and pinning into place.  Gently use spread the item into the desired shape or measurement and use t-pins to hold in place. Allow to dry fully before removing. 
Superwash (SW) yarn- Hand wash cold with care. Lay flat to dry. (technically can machine wash on cold) 
Non-superwash yarn- Hand wash cold with minimal agitation. Lay flat to dry. Suitable for felting projects.  

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