Gratitude Bags FAQ

1- What are Gratitude Bags?

Gratitude Bags are the perfect way for you to get gorgeous hand-dyed yarn for a deep discount. Each bag contains 2 or more skeins of yarn that you can buy as a mystery gift for yourself or a friend. Discounts range from 30% to 40% off full retail value. 

2- What kind of yarn will I get?

Gratitude bags contain yarns with discontinued bases or colorways, one of a kinds, test dyes and a few "oopsie" skeins. For the most part, bags containing multiple skeins will be coordinated by color and weight so that they can be used together for a larger project. All of the yarn is in gorgeous mint condition and ready for you to turn into your next beautiful project. More details about each bag are available on the individual listings. You can choose fiber content and general color scheme.

3- When will Gratitude Bags be available?

Gratitude Bags will launch on Friday, October 14 at 10:30AM EST.

Here is the link to the Gratitude Bag shopping page.

4- I've heard there is a way to get a Gratitude Bag for reduced cost. How can I access this feature?

In an effort to share the beauty of hand-dyed yarn with the broadest range of people, we are offering a limited number of coupon codes to partially subsidize the cost of the Gratitude Bag. If you would like to access this program, please apply for a code here. Limit one offer per household. Standard shipping charges will apply. 

Newsletter subscribers will receive an exclusive discount code, as a token of our gratitude. Sign-up here (unsubscribe at any time).

Please note, if you have a previous (unused) discount code or gift card for a dollar amount, you can use it for Gratitude Bags. If you have a previous (unused) percentage discount, you may not use it for Gratitude Bags. Our website can only accept one coupon code per order. Thank you for understanding.

5- How do I qualify for a coupon code? Who can ask for a coupon code?

Although anyone can ask for a code, the specific goal of this program is to increase access for those that cannot afford hand-dyed yarn.

This service is available on an honor system and we will not ask you to disclose information about yourself.

If the request for codes exceeds the number of codes available, we will select recipients via random number generator.

You will have 24 hours to use your code. After that, we will select a new recipient and pass the discount to another customer.

6- How many coupon codes are available?

Currently, we have five codes available. As sponsorship comes in, we will be able to offer more codes.  

7- I want to help support this effort. How can I sponsor a Gratitude Bag for another crafter?

Thank you! There are two wonderful ways you can contribute. 

Method 1- Purchase any Gratitude Bag for yourself and select the option to upgrade your purchase with a donation at checkout.

Method 2- Buy us a "coffee" at Ko-Fi. <--- Get the ball rolling, be the FIRST sponsor!

8- How else can I help?

Proceeds from this initiative will benefit Harlem Children's Zone.

Click here to donate directly to this very valuable organization.

Please note: All Gratitude Bag sales are FINAL, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. Also, we cannot offer complimentary caking service on Gratitude Bag yarn. You may add yarn caking service to your order using this link.