CUSTOM ORDER for WOOLYN - 50gr DK - dyed to order yarn


***Custom Order Processing Time 3-4 weeks***


As discussed in email.

Full Order:

50 skeins of Greenwich Village DK 100% SW merino, 50gr half-skeins, 115 yards

Billed in 2 installments

Dyed inspired by forthcoming photo. 

The timeline:  I’d need all the yarns in shop on or around August 9th. The shop will be closed from July 24th thru August 8th. So, before or after. I’d also like 1 skein to arrive by July 1st so I can come up with a design using all the yarns and knit it. This could be a sample 100g skein if need be, or it can be an actual skein. Of course, I will pay for the sample skein on top of the total number ordered. 

  • $14.00

Dyed to Order Processing Time 3-4 weeks. Order minimum 2 skeins per base/ colorway.

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